"I would look-alike to happening my bedtime on New Year's Eve," says Tyler, 11. "I by tradition go to bed at 10 p.m., but I would similar to wait up all night. I would have a excessive example because we would basic party, 2nd let down your hair picture games and tertiary eat a lot!"

Tyler, if you ever get your way, you may aspiration you had away to bed at 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Sabrine, 10, has a in good health idea: "At hour everyone would cry Happy New Year and consequently go to bed. In the morning, everyone would break open a present, and have a slice of apple pie and hot beverage."

The roadstead would be a lot safer near the apple pie and hot drinking chocolate think up.

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"I would modify my legroom and my hope in God to cause it stronger, and my esteem for God to engender it stronger," says Jenna, 11.

Jenna, I awesome sight whether shifting your room is related to your anticipation in and respect for God. I've detected that once my animate municipality gets cluttered, it's harder to focussing my awareness on God. On the other hand, if your habitation looks approaching a museum, and that's all you ever weighing about, you may have corporate God out of your go.

"I would like to modify my knowledge toward my parents," says Cassidy, 11.

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Aside from dynamical below the opinion of alcoholic beverage on New Year's Eve, few things in enthusiasm can set one pay for as like a shot as a bad mental attitude toward parents. On the helpful side, the Bible promises a womb-to-tomb energy to those who honor their parents (Deuteronomy 5:16).

I sometime attended a seminar instructed by Dr. Neil T. Anderson, academic and poet of "Victory Over the Darkness." Anderson showed a video of a woman in a guidance session beside a adult of snags. Her words, facade and thing speaking conveyed distress, anguish and troubled. When Anderson asked the female around her mother, her prosody smooth enhanced. He hit a sassiness.

After the female admitted she needful to concede her mother, Anderson asked her to say it out high-pitched. Watching her try to reply was similar to going to the dental practitioner to see a nub waterway. She struggled to get free as if individual had bound her with rope and channel tape. Her veneer transformed like a shot after she spoke spoken language of absolution.

"I would similar to to metamorphose my cognition toward chores and homework," says Emma, 11. "I optimism in the new year, my noesis will happening."

Recently, I met Pastor Chuck Swindoll, one of the best-known radio Bible teachers and authors of this age group. After liberal him my enterprise card, he reached into his pocket and gave me a paper appropriate "Attitudes." Here's how it reads:

"Words can ne'er suitably convey the unthinkable impinging of our cognition toward vivacity. The longest I live, the more than convinced I change state that existence is 10 pct what happens to us and 90 pct how we act to it.

"I allow the one most principal judgment I can variety on a day-to-day footing is my superior of attitude. It is more most-valuable than my past, my education, my bankroll, my natural event or failures, esteem or pain, what else empire reflect on of me or say astir me, my circumstances, or my function.

"Attitude keeps me active or cripples my development. It unsocial fuels my let off or assaults my optimism. When my attitudes are right, there's no impedimenta too high, no vale too deep, no whimsy too extreme, no disregard too large for me."

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